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Recognising excellence in NRM
in the Northern Territory

Congratulations to the winners of the

2019 NT Natural Resource Management Awards!

The NT NRM Awards recognise the Territory’s champions of natural resource management.

Winners were announced at a Gala Dinner during the TNRM Conference on 13 November 2019 in Darwin.

Over 320 people came together to celebrate the remarkable work and achievements of this year's finalists and winners.

We would like to thank everyone who came and supported this event, those who work so hard to look after the Territory, and of course our wonderful partners!

Best Collaboration in Natural Resource Management Award

One of these finalists will be presented this award for their excellence in partnering and working collaboratively towards a demonstrable positive benefit for natural resources in the NT.

Sea Swift
in collaboration with
East Arnhem Regional Council

For their partnership to prevent toxic chemicals, heavy metals and recyclable waste streams from entering unlined landfill sites across nine remote Indigenous communities.

The Djenj Project: Binini Fishing Past, Present & Future

For the successful two-way learning and intergenerational and cultural knowledge transfer about fish, fishing and water research techniques in West Arnhem Land, between local ranger groups, Traditional Owners, scientists, linguists, school children and other community members.

Waste Free NT

in collaboration with

City of Darwin

For their collaborative effort to minimise Darwin’s environmental impact and deliver community benefits by introducing the Single Use Plastic Ban to all events, markets and activities on council land in Darwin.

Anindilyakwa Land & Sea Rangers
in collaboration with
South32 GEMCO

For the establishment of a quarantine and biosecurity program to protect the economic, environmental, social and cultural values of the Groote Archipelago.


Farmers & Fishers Sustainability Award

One of these finalists will be presented this award for their outstanding example of a sustainable practice in a farming or fishing sector.

Eva Valley Meats

For their success as the first paddock to plate on-farm abattoir and butcher’s shop in the Northern Territory, and their ethically managed, local and high-quality produce.

Tamara Cooperative and
The Desert Fruit Company

For their 7-year commitment to delivering, and educating the wider community about sustainable and productive farming practices.

Coodardie Station

For their holistic planned grazing and management approach that works with nature to regenerate and improve the ecosystem function of their property.


Indigenous Natural Resource Management Award

One of these finalists will be presented this award for their outstanding Indigenous group that has worked to care for land and sea country by addressing natural resource management challenges.

Mimal Land

For their work to reduce threats to People, Country and Culture by managing late season fires, weeds, feral animals and freshwater quality, as well as the conservation of rock art and sacred sites.

Anindilyakwa Land & Sea Rangers

For their work to protect the Northern Hopping Mouse through targeted on-ground and aerial surveys on Groote Eylandt. This work provided a substantial basis of knowledge and data on the behaviour, habitat and distribution of the Northern Hopping Mouse, which will be used as the basis of further research into this species.

Thamarrurr Men's Rangers

For their active engagement with Traditional Owners and community members to look after country, address community needs and deliver sustainable services to the Wadeye community in the Western Top End.

Tiwi Land Rangers

For their work conducting and supporting research surveys on the biological and ecological status of the Tiwi Islands, including heritage and sacred site assessment, fire management, weed management, biosecurity management and community education and engagement.


Environment & Conservation Award

One of these finalists will be presented this award for their project or activity that has made a strong contribution to conservation and the environment through on-the-ground activity and community engagement.

Sandra Kendell,
Territory Tails

For her contribution to early childhood education in environmental awareness and threatened species conservation.


Sandra has released six children’s picture books whose stories and illustrations focus on the unique NT environment in which we live, and the fascinating native animals at our doorstep. She also conducts illustration and writing workshops for adults and children in addition to exhibiting her artwork.

City of Darwin, 
Gardens for Wildlife

For their efforts to protect and enhance biodiversity across suburban landscapes and establish a like-minded community.


Gardens for Wildlife is a free voluntary program for urban landholders within the Darwin municipality. The program supports residents and schools who have an interest in creating native habitat on their property. Participants receive a Gardens for Wildlife starter pack including helpful resources and the offer of a home garden audit by local experts.


Junior Natural Resource Management Award

One of these finalists will be presented this award for raising local awareness of a natural resource issue in their region and bringing about improvements through their action.

Alawa Primary

For their efforts to reduce adverse environmental impacts and encourage local biodiversity by establishing a safe environment for local plants and animals, recycling and composting waste, and raising awareness to reduce plastic straw consumption and minimise other plastic waste in the environment.

Gunbalanya School

For their work to prevent the spread of the invasive water weed Salvinia Molesta by growing and maintaining a culture of Bio-control agent, Cyrtobagous Salviniae (Salvinia Weevil), and releasing it into various waterways around Gunbalanya.

Nightcliff Primary School
Eco Warriors

For their long history of encouraging sustainable environmental practices and getting all 750 students involved to reduce and reuse paper and litter, improve knowledge and understanding of local flora and fauna species, educate young children and students new to the school about the eco-ethos and develop and regenerate a forest area by tree planting and putting up bird and mammal boxes.


Ranger of the Year Award

One of these finalists will be presented this award for going above and beyond their Ranger duties and making an outstanding contribution to the management of protected areas across the Northern Territory.

Fred Hunter,

Kakadu National Park

For his work with both Kakadu National Park and Warddeken Land Management which has been an enormous benefit to the local community by strengthening culture, passing on intergenerational knowledge, creating jobs and providing solutions for long term, sustainable management of country.

Sonya Braybon,

Tjuwanpa Women Rangers

For her exceptional contribution to both land management as a coordinator for the Tjuwanpa Women Ranger’s and the increased involvement of Indigenous Women in ranger positions in Central Australia.

Timothy BurrBurr, 
Bulgul Land & Sea Ranger Coordinator,
Caring for Country Branch

For his hard work and strong leadership as a Ranger Coordinator for the Northern Land Council Bulgul Rangers, which has shaped the team and opened them to further development and work opportunities that can benefit the Bulgul community.


Research in Natural Resource Management Award

One of these finalists will be presented this award for their research that addressed a natural resource management issue in the NT and has been applied to provide a beneficial outcome.

Charles Darwin University,

Tropical Turtle Group

For their research into the decline in the health and populations of the northern long-necked turtle (Chelodina oblonga) in the Finniss catchment.

Learning on Country, 

For their research into long term feral pig management, by increasing the efficiency of pig trapping through the use of a new GPS tracking device developed by CSIRO.

More Profit from Nitrogen Project Team, Plant Industries Branch, Agriculture Division, NT DPIR

For their research in optimising nutrient management for improved productivity and fruit quality in Mangoes.

Samantha Nowland,


For her research in the areas of tropical rock oyster and sea cucumber aquaculture, which has supported the establishment of small-scale farms within Indigenous communities.

As well as her production of quality scientific research, Indigenous economic development and advocacy of marine ecosystems.


Sustainable Enterprise Award

One of these finalists will be presented this award for their outstanding example of an enterprise or business delivering a sustainable service or a product that reduces the impact on our natural resources.

Malak Marketplace

For its strong sustainability principles in its operations and its stall holders, and significant commitment to eco-friendly sustainable development management practices.

Too Much Stuff Market,

Esther Lloyd-Taylor

For the set-up of the free, community spirited Too Much Stuff market, catering for the community to de-clutter, reuse, recycle and pass along their unwanted items.

Environment Centre NT

For its delivery of sustainability and education services in the areas of energy and waste reduction in collaboration with their sustainability arm, COOLmob.


Lifetime Achievement Award

One of these finalists will be presented this award for their significant beneficial impact in the area of natural resource
management in the NT through their contribution to agricultural sustainability, conservation or the

Mr Mandaka Marika,

Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation

For his pivotal role in natural and cultural resource management in the NT through his long association with the Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation.

Mr Rob Lindsay,

Malak Malak Ranger Group

For his integral role in the development of the Malak Malak Ranger Group and his significant role in the natural resource management of the Daly River region throughout his nearly 40 years of involvement with the Malak Malak people and the Malak Malak Land Trust.

Mr Steven Brown,

Kenbi Ranger Group -

Northern Land Council

For his commitment to the development of the Kenbi Rangers and identifying opportunities to grow the employment options for Kenbi and Belyuen people.




The Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM) Conference will be held on 12 - 14 November 2019, in Darwin. 


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